Kelebihan dan Fitur Artica Proxy

Berikut ini adalah beberapa fitur dari artica proxy yang layak jadi pertimbangan anda dalam menentukan proxy server untuk kebutuhan baik perusahaan/instansi anda :

Internet Protection

  • Personalized/ Automatized Internet Filtering
  • Over 30 million internet sites classified under 150 categories and 345 000 virus-infected links
  • Web sites DNS requests filtering
  • Antivirus and Antispam automatically updated
  • Creation of caching rules
  • Multiple Authentication through the ACL

Powerful statistic Engine

  • Dashboard. See an overall picture of the organization’s Web activity.
  • Top Charts/ Trend Charts. Get a view of spikes in bandwidth and employee Web use (top users, groups, categories, and sites,…)
  • Interactive Reporting. Drill down to more detailed data in reports.

On demand Internet Hot Spot Deployment

  • Authentication portal/ AD – LDAP interconnection For your Employees and Visitors

Network Internet Performance

  • Unlimited Poxy caching unlimited (storage limited to 2Go in the Free version)
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Load balancing with replication and automatic switching to the spare
  • AD-Active Directory connection (30 days only on Community Edition)
  • SMP mode allowing fluidity of browsing.
  • Remote management
  • Log purging
  • Import / Export of configuration sets

Support and updates

  • Help Desk access with unlimited number of tickets
  • New features and access to proxy’s ‘monitoring’ interface
  • Object rule delegation
  • Automatic update of the proxy
  • Artica Proxy sangat keren gan, selain bawaan sudah disupport dengan Anti Malware web ClamAV, Artica proxy juga dapat digunakan dengan menggabungkan engine dari Kaspersky Internet Secuirty.

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